My “style” as a photographer, and a brand new look….

Following on from my last post about my direction, and evolving style as a photographer, I have been thinking more and more about this.

I have come to the following conclusion. Rather than labeling myself as having a definite “style” for capturing the children and families that I photograph, I think that my “style” is to shoot colour, form, composition, styling, lighting etc as dictated by the personalities of those I am photographing.  My “style” is actually YOUR style. ?

There was a time when I heavily styled and themed all of my shoots, and I still love to do this and play “dress ups” when I can. However, I no longer feel that I need a gimmick to produce my collections. Instead, within moments of physically meeting a family, I can usually tell what their expectations are from a shoot that we do together and the kind of images that they would like to have in their collection.  If I style or theme shoots these days it is for a good reason – because of a request from the family, or because the chosen theme has an important meaning to the family/child that I am photographing.

Rather than thinking of the final “look” of the images, I find myself more and more, wanting to do the family/child justice by showing who they “really” are – their spirit, their personality, their loves, their vulnerabilities click here for info. I want to show them as they are at that particular point in time so that when the parents look back on our session together they can say “oh, yes, remember how she used to love doing that”, or “I remember that sad face he used to give me”.

This is also the reason that I am starting to, more and more, incorporate video and fusion into my shoots. More on this in coming months as I perfect the product that I am getting very excited to offer!

As such, and in light of the fact that I now have a quirky new studio that I am about to go public with, I have decided to do a spot of re-branding for Love Bytes. I have redesigned the logo, to reflect my stronger identity and cleaner way of thinking and shooting.  I am keeping the infamous polka dots (to come out on “special occasions” ? ), but throwing away the lollies which I have outgrown and which I think are a bit too gimmicky for what I want Love Bytes to be about.  Of course, all of my orders will still come with lollies, that is my trade mark, and besides, I’d get hungry without a huge stash next to me as I work. ?

I have made some some changes to the website and will tweak it more as I go along, to reflect the new branding and the look/feel of our new studio too. And so, without further ado, I’d like to unveil the new Love Bytes logo, drum roll please….

So, it is cleaner, but it is still bold, and vibrant, and in keeping with the quirkiness that is Love Bytes.  It is still red, black and white, and I will add/use polka dots when/where ever I see fit (hehe!), but, the most important thing to me about the new logo is that it is less ME, and more YOU.

As I mentioned in my last post, it is my ability to connect with you and your kids that I think is my “talent” (if any!), and it is this that I am going to work to capture as my top priority for all of my clients from now on in.  It is for this reason that I have now added my very special little tag line to the bottom of our new logo, and I would love for you all to think about it for a few moments.  It truly encompasses everything that Love Bytes and me, as a photographer is about at this point in time…

….because a child’s true beauty can only be seen with the heart.

What do you guys all think?


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