Love Letters

Don’t take our word for it!  Here is what our clients have to say about their experience with Tan…

Nat Lynn, birth client and professional photographer - Not  only an amazing photographer but an amazing person to share  the birth of our son with

Amber Callaghan - I have had the pleasure of knowing Tan professionally for 5 years roughly, she has photographed my son Flynn, did a birthday shoot for me and most recently captured my blessingway, birth and newborn moments. My birth photos are truly amazing and Tan captured them with such respect to my birthing space as I welcomed our 3rd son into the world. Her love and care in all 3 photo sessions is what brings us back to to her Time and time again. Her work is truly a showcase of her beautiful soul and I am forever grateful and so lucky I had her to capture our most precious moments. Thank you Tan

Tanya is so creative and caring with all her clients. I love working with her and her clients clearly love every part of the process. Seeing your own children starring in the ideas from Tanya

Greta Van Zelst – Oh my oh my! My family and I participated in a family photoshoot for my Mum’s birthday (or something like that) And I absolutely HATED having my photo taken! However, Tanya was the kind of photographer who took photos of the moments in between the photos. The kind of photographer who couldn’t stop laughing during our session because of my kookie family. She made us feel at home and at ease. Receiving the photos afterwards was a great day. The photos were so beautiful. And I mean beautiful. They were what my family were all about. And that is why I will always, always, think of getting Tan on the job for future photos. xx

Trish Saltmer - I have used Tanya

We couldn

Tanya is a wonderful photographer, whose passion for her work exceeds  any expectations. Her kind and gentle nature makes you feel right at home  in her studio. I could not have asked for a better person to capture  these precious moments for my family. We are forever grateful.

Tanya has photographed my girls three times over the past four years, and I treasure the images she created. Her photos manage to capture spirit, personality and energy. Tanya is engaging, creative, fun and understanding (working with babies and toddlers in the Chinese gardens, or at the beach, or with handfuls of raspberries to smoosh everywhere, is tough!) We have used Tanya for both our children