Fine Art Commissions


I ADORE the idea of pushing creative boundaries. I thrive on going “above and beyond”, and I specialise in creating pieces that are truly unique. With this in mind, I am proud to present to you…

Tanya Love Portrait Fine Art Commissioned Portraiture.

Together, we will plan a shoot that is so personal to you and your family, that there will never be another like it.

I will work to get to know your family intimately, and to tell *your* story in one mind blowing image; one that turns you and your children into a work of art.

Conceptual portraits can take months of planning, multiple shoots, and hours and hours of post production, but with breathtaking results.

The question is, are you up for the challenge?

Step By Step Guide to Producing Your One Of A Kind Fine Art Portrait

1. We will chat about your family and your vision. We will discuss your budget and 50% of your package price will be paid to confirm our agreement and commence work.  At this time, you will also sign our agreement which outlines the creative brief that we are working on together.

2. You will complete the in depth TLP pre-shoot questionnaire, and we will begin to develop a concept.  Through-out the process, we will consider the relationship dynamics you wish to illustrate, the composition, mood and colours of your image.  We will discuss your display preferences and your decor.

3. TLP will then begin the process of painting, constructing, sewing and sourcing all of the items needed to bring your vision to life.  This planning and development phase
could take weeks or even months, depending upon the complexity of the final concept.

4. We secure the location for your shoot, and book in a date and time. Depending on your concept, we may require more than one shoot to capture all of the required elements.
No detail is forgotten as we work to ensure every element of the final image works together to tell your story.

5. When all of the elements have been photographed, TLP begins the post production
phase of your developing your image, using the latest digital techniques to construct it and bring all of the “pieces of the puzzle” together. This phase too, could take a number of weeks, depending upon the complexity of your concept.

6. After completion and final proofing from you, the image is sent to our professional lab for printing/mounting/framing using only the finest of museum grade materials, according to your preference.

7. Finally, after much blood, sweat, and hopefully no tears, you are presented with a one of a kind work of art, proudly signed by the artist, that tells the unique story created for you and your family.