A facelift (again!)…

Soooo, I now that I only rebranded back in July last year, however, since all of the goings on at the conclusion of last year and the loss of my artwork on my now defunct HDD, as well as the complete wiping of my website (thanks so much for that Chinese Hackers!), I feel that it is a great time to take  along hard look at what Love Bytes is about.

I have decided this year to accept some of the wedding enquiries that I have been receiving and am looking forward to the 7 weddings that I already have booked for this 2012.  🙂

As a result,  guys and gals, I have something exciting to share with you today! You may remember the beautiful love heart shaped leaf that I posted an image of on Facebook the other day? It is here, just in case you missed it:

Some of you may also remember me having some discussions about rebranding Love Bytes on account of expanding to encompass wedding work this year?

Well, the deal is done! I have designed another logo to go along with my gorgeous new website and to take Love Bytes into the direction that my photography has been evolving. In short, Love Bytes has grown up a little. The love heart leaf represents a lot of things about me personally, my name being “love”, my hopes and dreams for our planet, and respect for Mother Nature, and general feeling of “earthiness” that is a part of my personality. It is also quite precious as my kids have really taken to the “theme” and have been bringing me every leaf that remotely looks like a loveheart over previous weeks! 🙂

I have chosen to stay with my black, white and red theme, and a clean, modern look, but softened it a little to include the loveheart leaf, and a gentler, handwritten font. I think that the new look works well for both my children/families and weddings combined. It is still fun and fresh, but a little more refined.

What do you guys think?!

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