My Vintage Valentine…

Ok, so the word is out, and unless you have been living under a rock, if you are a follower of my Facebook page, you will know that we have just launched the most amazing competition EVER!

I have gotten together with 6 other amazing Brisbane small businesses to bring to you a sensation prize package, and an experience to remember for one very, very lucky couple in Brisvegas on Valentine’s Day!

And this is what they will win:

a) 1 x Fully styled, “My Vintage Valentine” photo session on Thursday 14th February 2013, by Tanya Love Photography, including all images from the session delivered as high resolution digital files on custom designed Tanya Love Photography USB stick and one professionally framed 7 x 10 inch Fine Art Print of the winners choice- RRP $2510.00.

b) 1 x Professional conceptual styling, as well as prop and decor hire items from Moments In Vintage to be used on set during the “My Vintage Valentine” photo shoot on Thursday 14 February 2013. – RRP $2500.00

c) 1 x Chauffeur driven Pearl White and Maroon 1958 Chevy car with red carpet service, to transport the winning couple to the photo shoot location, and use of vehicle during the photoshoot on Thursday 14 February 2013. – RRP $1760.00

d) 1 x Custom designed and handmade Valentine’s themed cake provided by Little Miss Cake Company to be eaten/used during photoshoot on Thursday 14 February 2013.  Two mini cakes for the winning couple to take home at the end of the shoot as a keepsake.  – RRP $400.00

e) 1 x Professional makeup and hair styling for the winning couple, provided by Peekaboo Makeup, on Thursday 14 February, 2013, including a number of changes in keeping with the progression of the photoshoot. – RRP $200.00.

f)  1 x Vintage clothing hire provided by Atomic Martini Vintage, for the winning couple, on Thursday 14 February, 2013, including a number of changes in keeping with the progression of the photoshoot. – RRP $1800

g) 1 x Floral bouquets and arrangements provided by Wedding Flowers By Julia Rose, for the winning couple, on Thursday 14 February, 2013, in keeping with the progression and styling of the photoshoot.  – RRP $400.00

h) 2 x Runners Up prize packages, each with a value of approximately $700 will also be awarded comprising:

1 x $150 gift voucher from Tanya Love Photography

1 x $150 gift voucher from Moments In Vintage

1 x $ 50 /hr off hire voucher from Ace High Classic Car Services

1 x $100 gift voucher from Atomic Vintage Martini

1 x $50 gift voucher from Little Miss Cake Company

1 x $50 gift voucher from Peekaboo Makeup

1 x $50 gift voucher from Wedding Flowers By Julia Rose

…aaand on top of it all is a wonderful (secret) prize for the person who nominated the winning couple, valued at over $400 too!

Now all of this might seem a wee bit confusing, so lemme explain it a little more.

Our winning couple will be picked up THIS gorgeous Pearl White and Maroon 1958 Chevy Biscayne, and whisked away to our (secret) location.  Here, they will be coiffed to perfection, with professional hair, and makeup, and dressed to the nines in readiness for our photoshoot.

Our photoshoot will tell a story.  A love story of course!  Through-out, our lucky couple will be treated to an experience that they will never forget with three separate hair/makeup/costume changes, culminating in the final one which will be an Old Hollywood Glamour look that will sizzle!

They will be surrounded by the scent of beautiful flowers, drink champagne, and be serenaded to the delightful sounds and sweet voice of a wonderful musician too.  Under a sparkling chandelier, they will enjoy a meal and their night will finish with some delectable sweet treats to share and to take with them as their chauffeur delivers them home.

The photoshoot will tell a story?  I hear you ask!  What kind of story?!  Well, have a read and immerse yourself in the experience yourself, for just a moment…

“Clickety, Clack, tap, tap, ding! Clickety, Clack”.  “Ring, ring.  Ring, ring.  Good afternoon!”.  The sounds of office activity hum around her.  But she can’t concentrate on anything but HIM.  She begins to type, “To My Darling….”

…and he is there.  It is 5 o’clock.  That smile, those eyes.  She is giddy in his presence.  He presents her with flowers,  and a gift of love, for her to wear close to her heart, always.

They walk hand in hand, to his car.  So content to be in each other’s company.  It was meant to be.

He drops her safely to her porch.  He kisses her and whispers “Until tomorrow, my love”.  She clutches her necklace to her heart, as he drives down the road.  In an instant, he is gone, and she misses him already…

She awakes to the sweet summer scent of freshly cut grass, and the sound of the birds happily singing in the trees.  Pulling on her robe, she heads to the door to collect her morning paper. “Click”, she opens the door.

A box.  Small, and beautiful, and with a big red ribbon.  How could this be, it is only  8am? “Vroooom”.  She looks up.  His car drives off, up the road.

There is a card.

“A gown to wrap you in my love,

A rose with scent so sweet,

A yummy treat just for you,

And red lips just for me. 

The chauffeur will arrive at 6,

To bring you to my side,

And an evening you will never forget,

My beautiful Valentine.”

 Oh, my!  The day will be so long in anticipation!

 She dresses so carefully, with love in her heart, and a smile upon her perfect red.  “Tick, tock” the minutes pass so slowly.  Has time stopped?  Surely, the hour must almost be here?

 “Vrooom!”  It is time! There is red carpet, and a chauffeur, could a girl be so lucky?

 “Click!” a photographer captures every moment.

…and he is there.  So handsome in his bow tie, so gentle in his touch, silhouetted against the sunset . There are flowers, and lace, and a chandelier, fine china and crystal too.  It is all so beautiful, and just for her? She sighs.  Her heart is bursting.

 There is champagne and an a la carte menu, with a waiter delivering both.  The gentle strumming of a guitar, and a sweet voice to match.  He holds her as they dance.  She wishes this day could last forever!

 A mouthwatering cake.  It says “Forever”.  She knows what this means.  Magically, he is on bended knee.  A ring.  For her.  For them.  “Yes!!” She cries. 

 She falls into his arms, he spins her around.  It is done.  They will never be parted again.  It is as though every moment of their lives has been leading to this day.  It was meant to be.

 My Vintage Valentine.

…and of course, they lived happily ever after!

It is not a dream!  This competition is very real, and it is happening right now!  Don’t delay, tell your friends, shout it from the rooftops!  Nominate yourself, nominate your parents, your cousins, your local baker and his wife, hell, why not enter the little old lady who lives across the road and her husband of 50 years too!

To enter, and for full details, please go here:

….and by the way, don’t forget to check out the websites of all of the amazing businesses who are donating their beautiful products and services to the prize package that is bursting at the seams:

Moments In Vintage

Tanya Love Photography

Little Miss Cake Company

Wedding Flowers By Julia Rose


Atomic Martini Vintage

Peekaboo Makeup & Hair

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