Missing in action?!? Nope, just chasing my tail!

…Erm, so, wasn’t it like just Christmas?  Didn’t I just post on this very blog last week? Looking at the date, apparently, NOT.  Seriously dude, where does the time go?!  The last couple of months have wizzed by quicker than I can say “Omg, I am almost 35!” (Oh, wait, actually, I think it is 36!).

The fact is, I’ve been busy.  Like, I know I say that a lot, but its true!  Since I last posted, I entered and attended the AIPP QPPAs (AIPP Qld Professional Photography Awards), photographed 4 weddings, 20 or so Family Portrait sessions, flew to Mackay to photograph a whole lotta beautiful families up there, ran one workshop, completed my first ever underwater shoot, attended two Cross Country races, played Easter Bunny,  and Tooth Fairy, spent about 60 hours at the gym, had a mini break at Bribie Island (at this awesome place here: AVON LODGE, baked two birthday cakes and a gazillion cookies and muffins, watched 4 baby budgies hatch and thrive in our little aviary, spent eleventy-billion hours in Photoshop, AND photographed, edited, printed and posted my entries for the upcoming APPAs (Australian Professional Photography Awards).  PHEW!

So, whilst I did proclaim, and fully intend to pay this very blog a great deal of attention and fill it with lots of lovely (useful!) content that isn’t just “client sneak peeks”, I am the first to admit that I have been a little distracted and it hasn’t quite happened… YET! (promises, promises!).

But, I do have some awesome news to share with you all.  Ok, so its more than a bit belated, but, here goes anyways!  So, on March 25th, (of this year – 2012!), after sitting through a weekend of nail biting, humbling and downright scary judging, I was awarded as the 2012 AIPP Qld Professional Family Photographer of the Year – Runner Up.  Beaten by only 1 point by the incredibly talented and beautiful Kelly Brown!  The AIPP Awards are something quite new to me, having only begun entering for the first time last year.  However, I have very quickly caught “the bug”!  It is a game for sure, and one that must be “played” with deliberate consideration for the judging process and the categories that you are entering.  I am still learning the ropes, and had a few hit and misses at Qld, but now that my APPA entries have been sent off ready to be judged, I can share with you some of the prints that I entered into QPPA.

(I should add that with the State Awards being prior to the National Awards, most of us who enter prefer to keep our images under wraps to avoid them being seen by judges prior to judging.  Hence my decision to only show my QPPA entries now as I know that these won’t be being judged at APPA.)

I am going to share with you, both my prints that did achieve awards, and those that didn’t, as whilst those that didn’t score so well, they are still dear to me and to my clients who are in them and I am proud to share them. ?

So, I entered the Wedding Category for the first time ever!  I was actually quite chuffed with the results here because I hadn’t shot a wedding in over 6 years when I capture the images from the two weddings that I entered!  The result was one silver award, and one silver distinction, which I was rather pleased with!

This first shot was a “happy accident”.  When I captured it, I had no idea that there was seemingly a knife in her back! (It was actually sticking out of the wedding cake that was behind her), or that those expressions matched up so perfectly with the “story” of the knife!  I entered it as a bit of fun. It scored a respectable 75 points, which is considered “above standard professional practice” but not quite Award standard.

This one attracted a very healthy amount of discussion, but didn’t *quite* get there.  It ended up with a 79, which is considered to be a “Bronze” or “Certificate of Attainment”:

This next one, I like to call “Dopplegangers”. ?  It features both a groomsmen, and a guest at the same wedding and their “lookalikes”.  Scored an 84 – A nice “Strong” Silver Award!

My final entry in the Wedding Category, and one of my favourite wedding images ever, was this lovely family portrait of Heidi, Richard and Archer.  It scored an 85 – Silver Award with distinction!

Next, was an image of aspiring model, Casey, in the image I titled “Hanging By A Thread”.  It received a 75, which I was disappointed with as the same image had received a Silver Award at the International Loupe Awards late in 2011 *and* came 2nd place at the Toowoomba Carnival Of Flowers Shutterbug Awards in 2011 too:

This was an image that I captured for Cushie Tushies last year, and one that always makes me smile.  It scored a 78.

My final entry for the Portrait category was little Oliver.  It scored low at 72.  But, Portrait isn’t the most suitable category for a newborn image, so I expected that really.

Finally, was the judging of the Family Category.  I had huge hopes for this category, and had the biggest butterflies when it came around!  The anticipation is intense! Despite my excitement, I didn’t quite achieve the scoring I had hoped, and have regrouped and redone some images for our National Awards this month.  The main image that I had my highest hopes for, did do the best of all, but was only awarded a Silver Award at 83.   ?  However, I still have great faith in the image and have decided to enter it into APPA this month, so cannot share it with you now. (Sorry!)

Next up was this one.  It took a whole lot of planning and a HUGE amount of sewing on my behalf, and I really loved the results.  I was going for a bit of an Frederick McCubbin feel.  I don’t think the judges “got” it though. It barely missed an award, and scored 79 points.

Next, came the mummy of little Oliver, above.  The very beautiful, and glowing Jessica.  This image scored a 77, not quite an award print:

I was sitting with bated breath as my final image was up for judging.  I knew that for a chance to win the category, I needed a score of at least 81 for this print. (You need a total of at least 320 points from your 4 prints to be eligible to win).  Would you believe, it? That’s just what it scored! An 81! In hindsight now, I wish I had “wished” for an 82, as it would have been a draw!  I am still really happy with Runner Up though, and very humbled to have the amazingly talented Kelly Brown in front of me!


And so that wraps it up, as far as the 2012 QPPAs go.  Now, we are on the home straight to APPA, with just over 2 weeks to go!  I have butterflies already, and can’t wait to share the results, and the images with you all!


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