Lots of surprises, in pretty little packages.

For those of you who have yet to become a client of mine, I just thought I’d share this little series of images of how I package some of my products. I love to add lots of special little touches to give my clients little surprises when they receive their orders. You never know just what I may come up with next!

pretty little packages

The photobooks that you see pictured here are ones that I recently designed for a lovely newborn (twins) client. They are Qbooks from my beautiful album supplier Queensberry Albums, in New Zealand, printed on textured art paper, and completely hand made.


pretty little packages

pretty little packages






Here you see the beautiful textured art paper, named “Tintoretto”. That I prefer to print with. Queensberry offers a beautiful range of art papers, but this one is my favourite!





Here, is my best kept little secret (well, not any longer!). Each of my clients receives a hand crocheted and felted, organic “Giving Bowl” as a very special thank-you gift. I have been offering these for almost 2 years now, and it gives me such joy to be able share the philosophy behind them. It is my hope that we are spreading the “love” all over the country with each and every giving bowl that we send out.



Each “Giving Bowl” is purchased on your behalf from Foundation 18, and was hand-crocheted, and felted using the finest organic yarns available. The entire process takes up to 3 weeks, for just one bowl!

Foundation 18 is a beautiful organisation that was founded by my good friend Cate Bolt, a mum of 9, who also “really does care”. Today, their orphanage in Bali houses children who were left to fend for themselves on the streets due to their families being unable to or unwilling to care for them.

The philosophy behind each “Giving Bowl” is to “give without going without”. Our purchase of them for each of our clients’ assists in a two-fold way. Not only will they help the children supported by Foundation 18, but by using them correctly, they “give” even more. The idea is that the bowls are not only a beautiful decor piece, but they have a practical use too. Simply place your loose change into your Giving Bowl, and each time it becomes full, donate the change to your favourite charity. It is our hope that each time you donate, you will remember our time together, and your special “bytes of love” fondly, whilst helping those in need too.






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