Pigeon Pair – The story continues…

Omigosh, it lives! I am actually blogging on my erm, blog!

So let’s all just pretend that my poor little bloggity blog hasn’t actually been completely neglected for the past six months and we can move on from there. As you were. 😛

Almost 2 years ago, I was so very blessed to be a part of a beautiful Earthside Collective gift session with Jess and Joe. Theirs was a bittersweet story that no parent should ever have to endure, as their excitement of welcoming twin babies, a sweet boy and a beautiful little girl, became sadness. Jess and Joe learned during labour, that their little boy, Harrison would be born still. His twin sister Amelie would be delivered safely into the waiting arms of her mummy and daddy.

I was approached about doing a gift session for them, and put on my thinking cap to come up with something that was both unique and personal, but would also become a family keepsake in honour of the twins. It wasn’t long before I thought of a concept that I refer to as “Pigeon Pair”.

You can read all about it, and see how the shoot came together over on the Earthside Collective blog right here: https://www.earthsidecollective.com.au/gift-session-pigeon-pair-celebrating-harrison-amelie/

Additionally, this Youtube video tells the story too:

You can imagine my surprise and elation when, mid-2016, I received a message from Jess, telling me that they were expecting another little boy!  They immediately booked me in to shoot their newborn photos and  I could not have been more excited!

And so, we booked it in, and got to work planning their shoot!

A lot of things had changed for me since our first time together.  For one, I am shooting in a nice big studio for my new company Pixelove.  The studio space gives me so much more flexibiltiy than I had previously in my very small home garage studio and lots of alternative lighting and backdrop scenarios to play with.  Even with this though, I decided to replicate the original shot that I did for Jess and Joe, and so had to try to reproduce the same lighting setup as I had in my previous small, available light filled home studio.

Again we had the beautiful Lorraine (Fairy Raine from Fairy Lane) on hand to create the perfect body art to transform Jess into our beautiful mumma bird!  And the results speak for themselves!

For some reason, I had kept everything we had used in the original shoot and we were able to reuse it all again!  Even the amazing adult sized nest that was created by David Lam (David Lam Designs) was brought back out from storage!  It was as though we had a “dream team” back together again, but with the addition of Hemi, my Pixelove business partner. 🙂

And so, here are some behind the scenes shots from little Arlo’s most very special day….

pigeon pair

Such beautiful detail!

pigeon pair

(and I get to have baby cuddling duties as Lorraine works her magic on Jess!)…

pigeon pair Pigeon Pair Pigeon Pair  Little photobomb there by me and Arlo. 😛

And now for the final result!!

Here is the original image in all it’s glory:

Pigeon Pair

And 2 years later, with the arrival of Arlo, this is what we created:

Pigeon Pair

Aren’t they just the most beautiful family ever?!

Pigeon Pair

Would love to hear your thoughts about this project guys!  And please leave some well wishes for Jess, Joe and their beautiful babies!


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