are you a sneaky mum too?

sit with me for a moment. in the bottom of my shower. (we’re wearing togs ok, so it’s not weird or anything!). enveloped with hot steam swirling around us. not a sound to be heard but the trickle of the water running down the drain. the scent of ylang ylang and lavender from the beautiful soy candle that i am burning combining with the steam for the perfect relaxing experience. eyes closed. mind empty. the hot water on the back of your neck massaging it as it falls.


sheer perfection.


bang! bang! thump! crash!

mum!! she took the remote!

mum!! he changed the channel without asking!!

mum! neo just wee’d on the floor!!

mumma! me shower too!

mummy lolly won’t make me some rice bubbles!

muuuuuum zali just threw the box of rice bubbles at me!

muuuuuuum there’s rice bubbles all over the floor and i haven’t had any breakfast yet!

mumma!! shower!! pweeeeeeeeease…


mum, i just did a poo and now i need to wash my hands!

MUUUUUM! keegan just did a poo and now the whole house stinks!

…….and then, the water turns ice cold due to the toilet flushing. or is it because of the 5 showers that preceded mine??


welcome to my world.

and that, folks, is why i am a SNEAKY mum!

…in the morning , sneaking out of bed, sneak to the kitchen to make a cuppa, and sneak to the computer; down the stairs quietly before everyone wakes up.

…sneak in quietly when i come home to unpack the groceries before they realise I am home and bombard me with “did you buy me something?”, “he took my pen!” etc…

…sneakily eating a treat in the car before i get home or whilst shopping so i don’t have to share it (hehe, this one is my favourite!)

…sneaking into the shower to get 5 minutes peace before they notice i have disappeared.

….sneaking presents into the “present cupboard” when i have been shopping to avoid prying eyes

….sneaking parcels inside when the delivery man brings them before the kids see them

….sneakily bidding on stuff on ebay late at night so they don’t creep up behind me and spoil their surprises etc, etc, etc!!

there is only one thing though, that I would never be sneaky with. …i NEVER sneak out, I always say goodbye with kisses and hugs, and promises to return “very soon”, usually bearing gifts (even if I do sneak back in when I arrive home! 🙂 )

my life reminds me of the book featuring the “Large Family” (the cutest family of elephants you will ever see!). Mrs Large is trying to escape her kids for a relaxing soak in the tub, but in the end finds it futile as they all end up in the bath with her. My kids giggle and laugh when we read it, knowing just how like us it is. What is it called? Well, “5 minutes peace!” of course!

what do you sneakily do? are you a sneaky mum too?

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  • Deborah Batchelor - Great post, very funny! I admit I have my sneaky Mumma moments too but just like you I never sneak away without saying goodbye with a kiss and a cuddle!ReplyCancel

  • Tara - Great post Tan! And yes, I am a sneaky Mama as well 🙂
    Sneaking the treat before they notice, sneaking into my room (loacted right between their bedrooms) while they are sleeping so I can try and fit in a nap before they wake, sneaking to the toilet so I can pee in peace without 2 little monkeys climbing all over me……
    But no, I never sneak out without saying goodbye. Not that either of mine notice when I leave!!ReplyCancel

  • Naomi Farlow - I too am a sneak! I sneak presents inside so they don’t get noticed, I TRY to sneak the occasional toilet break by myself (often that one is unsuccessful), I sneak past rooms during nap times, I even try to sneakily do the washing up while the toddler is occupied (so that I don’t get ‘help’ :S ). I agree with not sneaking away too – it messes with their security if they feel you could disappear on them without warning. I have never been very good at sneaking anything, but practise is leading to improvement! 😀ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - Oh yeah…your favourite is mine too!ReplyCancel

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