A tale of three Teddies…

A tale of three Teddies.

I was very blessed recently to be present to capture the entrance of a beautiful little man into the world.  He was named Theodore, aka “Theo” or “Teddy” for short. 🙂

His mummy and daddy share an absolutely amazing bond, as can be seen through these images.  I felt truly privileged to be in the room to capture these special moments for them.  As a birth photographer, I truly am blessed to witness this miracle again and again in my work.

Little Theo joined us weighing in at a hefty 4.15kgs at birth and was the most chilled little man you will ever meet!


Well, 11 days after he was born, their family joined me at my studio for a wonderful newborn portrait session.  Following on from his entrance into the world, Theo was still the most chilled little man I have ever met!  Barely a peep was heard from him as we powered through our session enabling us to try lots of different set ups.

But on their arrival, Theo’s mummy and daddy had a challenge for me.  With him being affectionately known as “Teddy”, they had decided to bring along the teddies that they themselves cuddled as babies.  Of course, he also needed his very own teddy too, and why not a little set of teddybear ears to complete our fun?

And here is the result:

On Theo’s left, with a rather erm, questionable (read: MUCH loved) red “bow” is the teddy that his Dad once cuddled to sleep at night.  On Theo’s right, also a bit worse for wear is his Mummy’s precious little friend.  He looks right at home don’t you think?  Definitely, a “tale of three teddies”.

A tale of three Teddies

Following on with our theme, we of course, had to photograph Theo with his very own teddy as well.  Perhaps, in years to come, Theo’s first child will be able to be photographed with this very same teddy too…

A tale of three Teddies



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