Dreamworld family fun – A bit of colour…

Dreamworld family fun – I’ve been struggling a bit of late, some of you may have noticed this from the tone of my posts. I have many inner demons that I fight off, alot, and sometimes it all gets the better of me.

I imposed a self-enforced Social Media Ban on myself for the past 3 weeks. It has been liberating to say the least, and it is amazing how much work I have been ploughing through!

Amidst it all, my family really get the rough end of the stick sometimes. It goes without saying that when I am fighting off depression, and wanting to do nothing but hide from the world, my hubby and kids suffer too. Of course, the vicious cycle reigns then, and I feel even more horrible about myself as I add “Mummy Guilt” to the list of things that I am struggling with.

Last week, enough was enough. My family were on the verge of not being able to see any light at the end of the tunnel, and I admit, I completely dropped the ball. I am not really sure how, but I somehow managed to find my way out, and the dark cloud is starting to lift again, and mostly, this is due to my amazing family.

We took some much needed time out, and attended The Color Run event that was held on the Gold Coast, and also did a trip to Dreamworld. It rained the entire time, my heart is starting to heal again, and I even managed a few smiles. In fact, even the grumpy 15 yo managed a smile or two!

Here we are, trying to remember just what life really is all about. Nothing photographically great here, just some good clean family fun…

Dreamworld family fun

Dreamworld family fun

Dreamworld family fun
















These ones have to be my favourite!  The kids faces are just classic!

This was Neo’s first ever time on a rollercoaster, you can see he is a little bit suspicious of it all!  Jaimyn on the other hand enjoyed every minute.  This is a pic of my youngest, and my oldest together, pretty cool really!

TanyaLove_130531_DW Photo

This was Zali’s first time on a rollercoaster!  Poor little thing absolutely freaked out, and I just couldn’t control my laughter!  I kept looking down and trying to console her but couldn’t stop laughing at the expressions on her face!  Mean mummy!

TanyaLove_130531_DW Photo_01

Molly-Rose and Keegan took it all in their stride and decided it was a good opportunity to try out some cool expressions for the camera each time they passed it.

TanyaLove_130531_DW Photo_03

Following on from Keegan and Molly-Rose’s examples, I decided to pull some faces too – mean mummy had no idea that her poor little man wasn’t enjoying the experience quite so much though!

TanyaLove_130531_DW Photo_07

Glad to say that it did have a happy ending though! Here, you can see that Zali regained her composure and decided to brave the rollercoaster again, and again, and again!  In fact, I couldn’t get her off it in the end!

TanyaLove_130531_DW Photo_08

Here we are at the Gold Coast Color Run.  My entire family, nice and clean prior to the fun commencing!


Zali and Daddy, going in to the yellow zone!


Keegan, feeling a little “blue”!





Part way round the course, we aren’t looking quite so pristine as we did at the start!


Random pic of someone’s, erm, “assets” in the middle of the pink zone…


Molly-Rose, looking exuberant, amidst the pink particles flying around her!


Fun in the orange zone!  Looks like a dust storm!


Molly-Rose and my hubby, happy at the end.


Neo meeting The Color Run mascot – aka “Runicorn”.


My little groover made himself some new friends, with his robot moves to Daft Punk!



A festival of colour! TanyaLove_130602__LOV9574


Molly-Rose, lapping it up… TanyaLove_130602__LOV9637


And the photo of the day goes to my little man Neo!  This was his reaction when we told him it was time to go home.  He pulled his hat down and said “I’m not coming out til you say we can stay!”


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